Prodim USA prepared voorbereid voor orkaan

Limited contact with Prodim USA due to hurricane Irma

Final update – 19 September 2017

We are able to work from and can be reached at our Prodim USA office again and everybody in the area is working hard to clear the roads and get all facilities to operate in normal conditions. Everyday is a step closer to normal operation. Fingers crossed that hurricane Maria does not make a turn and passes by.

Update – 14 September 2017

As you can see below the area around our Prodim USA is still flooded and cannot be reached by car. We expect that this will be possible in the next few days and have planned to work during the weekend to get everything back on track again as you are used to. In the mean time we have set up emergency facilities and work from home to be of service to you. Part of our team is exhibiting at GlassBuild America, so you can meet us there as well.

Update – 12 September 2017

Unfortunately the area around our Prodim USA office is flooded to about mailbox height. We are going to try to reach our office by canoe today to see what we are up against. Naturally, we cannot answer phone calls at the office right now, so the best way to get in contact with Prodim USA is by e-mail.

Update – 11 September 2017

We have good hope that our USA office can open again on Tuesday the 12th of September. However the means to get in contact can still be limited the upcoming days. We do our utmost to be fully operational again as soon as possible.

Prodim USA temporarily closed due to hurricane Irma

Hurricane Irma is making her way towards our Prodim USA office. At the moment we are making preparations to our office to withstand the hurricane as best we can. We hope for everybody that damage will be limited and that everyday life can return to normal soon.

Prodim USA closing dates

  • Friday 8th September
  • Monday 11th September 

Sales and Support

If you have questions in the meantime, you can contact Prodim International.