Prodim Proliner – Maken van digitale templates voor teak decks

Digital Proliner templating process revolutionizes decking industry

A fast growing pace is seen in the number of decking specialists switching to the digital Proliner templating process. Traditional teak decking specialists but foremost flexible decking (like Permateek) specialists are choosing for the Proliner. The digital Proliner templating process holds large advantages over the traditional process.

Digital templating process

The installer can digitize a whole decking area fast and easy, even measuring around fixtures such as seat pedestal, deck drains etc. is no problem. After the measurement a DXF file is directly available. The digital files are send to their own production but more often directly to the supplier. Decks are then delivered made to measure directly from the supplied digital files leaving no room for error or need for additional labor in between. The installer gets exactly what he asks for faster than before, making installation a much easier task.

Customers are more satisfied due to the fact that the time spent on their deck is greatly reduced, quality is raised and all can be done for a very reasonable price because the costs in the process are greatly reduced.

The future for the industry

The Proliner templating machines especially with the new IPT technology, making it possible to measure around corners, is simply the future for the industry. As customers will always drop of physical templates the advantage of the Proliner systems is unrivaled as digital templating of physical templates is done with the Proliner in a heartbeat, production ready as well. For professional who are looking for a fast digital solution to make a digital file out of a physical template, the Proliner is their best option.


Templating a teak-deck with the Proliner     Templating a teak-deck with the Proliner     Templating a teak-deck with the Proliner