Vemar SNC: “The Proliner helps us to complete the projects by optimizing the process!”

Vemar SNC is an Italian company located in Ovada with three generations of experience in working with glass to create high-quality furniture items.
Their primary focus involves processes like hardening and stratification, which enable them to manufacture safety glass that complies with legal requirements for various installations, including anti-burglary windows, railings, and shop and gallery doors. Vemar SNC pays attention to the aesthetic aspects of its glasswork, ensuring a visually pleasing finish through shaping, sanding, and grinding techniques, resulting in both functional and beautiful pieces.
Its primary objective is to ensure utmost customer satisfaction in the beautification of homes and businesses. To achieve the highest quality, Vemar SNC partners with glass system suppliers who provide optimal solutions.
Vemar SNC became a Proliner user in 2017 and uses the Glass package. They said:

“The Proliner package helps us to complete the projects by optimizing the process schedule and allowing us to produce the drawing directly in DXF, which is useful for our CNC machines and prevents any transcription error.”


Vemar SNC Website