Akmenstata now benefits from the Proliner’s accuracy and speed

Akmenstata is a stone & granite supplier based in Vilnius, Lithuania. Over the years, they have acquired extensive experience in the supply, sale, production, and installation of natural and artificial stone. Their products include everything from stone countertops and floors to outdoor windowsills and stone facades.

It was at the Marmomac fair a few years ago when Akmenstata first heard of the Proliner. Eventually, this generated interest in them that turned into a great investment: the Proliner Stone Package.

After coming to our offices in The Netherlands, Ieva Stankutė was happy to share with us more about their story:

Our stone projects will certainly benefit from the Proliner. We plan to use it for measuring countertops, fireplaces, stairs, and every other stone project. We will be able to create custom-made projects with fewer mistakes using the Proliner. The Proliner’s speed and accuracy make it so useful!”

Team members from Akmenstata showed satisfaction with their training and eagerness to use it right away. Ieva explained: “We chose the Proliner because everyone in the stone industry and in the Lithuanian market uses it.  We are very excited!”


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