JKS Bordplade about the Proliner: “From the worksite or the office, we know the results will be great!”

JKS Bordplade is a company from Espergærde, Denmark, with extensive experience in all types of kitchen countertop replacement. Their goal is to deliver high-quality kitchen worktops at an advantageous price – with a strong focus on delivery time, service and customer satisfaction. They have a vast record of experience achieving the best results for their customers by offering materials such as Corian, Fenix ​​Compact Laminate, and Solid steel.

They work on the delivery, replacement, and installation of countertops in Copenhagen and the rest of Zealand (Denmark).

They recently invested in their second Proliner, and Mr. Sebastian Wasiolek was very excited to tell us about their experience:

“We use the Proliner Stone package on a daily basis, and our second Proliner comes in handy during peak seasons or when the other one is not available. What I like most about the Proliner is how easy and precise it is. We have only worked with the Proliner to measure digitally, and we will remain like that. We don’t have any plan of using other measuring technology.

I know other companies here in Denmark that use laser devices, and they’re not happy. I’m satisfied with the results we get and our current workflow using the Proliner.

Even though it’s an amazing machine with the latest technology, it still gives you control. When measuring with the remote, you control everything and you see it immediately on the screen.

We edit sometimes on-site, or from our desktop. We have options, and that is also great. From the worksite or the office, we know the results will be great!”

He then shared with us about their latest project, which can be seen in the video below:

“We use the digital templating technology of the Proliner to achieve this elegant result using Corian. What makes Corian something very special is its durability and many uses, and not least the possibility of seamless and invisible joints. Here you can see a very special countertop we have made recently, with both a gable for the floor, side cladding on the cabinet, and an upper piece of this special countertop. All in one piece without a single transition or mistake. The whole thing is of course digitally measured to a perfect fit as we usually do, thanks to the Proliner.”


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Watch the video on how they use their Proliner on a daily basis:



And this video shows JKS Bordplade using the Proliner in one of their latest projects with Corian: