PNTK: “​We have a new gem: the Spider-Man! And that is the Proliner!”

PNTK is a company from Düsseldorf, Germany. They design delicate facades from hard quartzite and create unique workpieces from rugged slate. They advise, present, develop, design, produce and mainly process natural stone – in any size, free of any norm and limit. Adrian, from the company, explains:

“​We have a new gem, that we call the Spider-Man! And that is the Proliner! Our Spider-Man simplifies our everyday work enormously! Every time we stretch the pen to digital template a project, it feels like we are Spider-Man releasing the cobweb.

We decided to go for the Proliner Stone package and Prodim Factory Fabricator software (the complete solution) and we are very happy about it. Some of the features we particularly appreciate are the speed of the measurement, the accuracy of the slab digitalization, which makes a realistic nesting effort, the 3D views after vein-matching, and the amazing fitting of the pieces, after modifying them.

We are stone executives, concrete caressers, stone creatives, bathroom stylers, and kitchen maniacs and we love stone. Having a machine that facilitates and helps our working process is really worth it! We really enjoy working with the Proliner and it won’t be our last. It simplifies our workflow insanely.


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