The Proliner is the best solution to adapt to the next generation

Kapell & Annat, a company located in Sweden, is one of the largest manufacturers of boat canopies, Bimini tops, custom-made matrasses and cushions for sailing and motor boats in Scandinavia. After having years of measuring experience with the Proliner 2D, they decided to invest in the Proliner 3D Canvas package.

Isak and Rolf were very enthusiast in telling their experience with the Proliner: “We got to know the Proliner 20 years ago because other companies were telling it was the best. Now that we have quite a lot of experience with the device, we are sure and proud to say by ourselves the Proliner is the best solution on the market. Even under difficult weather conditions and on windy days, we can easily use the Proliner. The measuring time has decreased and the software to finalize digital templates is very easy to use.”

They continue: “Our goal is to modernize and prepare our company for the next generation and the Proliner has been playing a key role in that. We do not need to use plastic foil for making the templates anymore and as these are digitized, the data basis can be reused. It is much better for the environment. On top of that, the new generation does not want to cut plastic templates anymore. They want to solve everything digitally; via apps or software’s. And the Proliner allows us to provide this next step.”

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