Prodim Proliner gebruiker Quantra

The Proliner plays a significant role in the partnership between Quantra and IKEA

Quantra is a natural quartz fabricator in India. The company mainly fabricates kitchen countertops, but also floorings and cladding surfaces. Ravi from the company:

“We have done research on various measuring tools and compared the Proliner with other devices such as laser technology. The Proliner came out best, which was backed by several of our Dutch customers who use the Proliner and recommended the device. That’s why we invested in the Proliner which we are going to use for digital templating of kitchen countertops.

The Proliner will play a significant role in our partnership with IKEA in India. Quantra provides IKEA with kitchen countertops and is responsible for the whole process; from measuring and fabricating to the after sales service. The quality of our products is of high importance so you can imagine that we need a measurement device which is as accurate as possible; mistakes cannot be allowed. Next to this, we want to increase our production within the next 3 years from about 10 kitchens to a 100 per day. The Proliner will help us achieve these goals since it offers a complete solution for measuring and creating digital templates for production, which eases and speeds up the whole process.”


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