Prodim Proliner gebruiker Kinver Canopies

The Proliner will speed-up production and results in better fitting covers for Kinver Canopies

Kinver Canopies supplies boat cover solutions across the UK. From their factory in Stourbridge they manufacture boat canopies and small upholstery as well as occasional projects like car covers. Kinver Canopies invested in the Proliner Canvas package, a complete solution for creating, editing and preparing digital templates of canvas products for production.

Ian Underwood and Scott Ward: “With the IPT for measuring hard-to-reach points and the hook-pen for easy measurement of tubular frames Prodim tackled two important measurement challenges in the marine industry. We were already aware of the capabilities of Proliner measurement technology and combined with these tools we knew the time had come to invest in one.

The diversity in measurement possibilities that the Proliner brings enables us to create digital templates for entire projects. The measurement process is faster and the results are very precise, despite of the often windy and sometimes sunny conditions (UK) on-site. Working with digital templates will speed-up the entire production process of Kinver Canopies and results in even better fitting covers.”


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