Prodim Proliner gebruiker Fayt

Stone shop Fayt: “There is no digital templating tool with similar capabilities on the market”

Fayt, located in Dilbeek (Belgium) invested in a Proliner CS with Stone CT software to create digital templates of countertops, backsplashes, stair coverings and headstones. Mr. Jos D’Hoe and Mrs. Inge Nerincx from Fayt recently completed their Proliner training in our Helmond office and explained why they chose to start to work with the Proliner.

Inge Nerincx: “It is a common tradition that deceased are buried next to their partner in life. In that case the family often requests the headstone to be similar, but mirrored. Most of the time these headstones have to be tailor made. We used to create a physical template of the original headstone and send that template to a factory. It has happened that these templates got lost in transport or at the factory, which of course you do not want with such a delicate matter.

With the Proliner that problem belongs to the past, since we will always have the digital templates (DXF) present. We will also save a significant amount of time since creating a digital template of a headstone with the Proliner is much faster than creating a physical template. The Proliner will help us create perfect mirrored headstones that families will be thankful for.”

Jos D’Hoe: “It is our goal to stop working with physical templates and make the transfer to digital templates. A logical next step after having invested in new CNC machinery. We compared multiple digital templating technologies, but there is none that can match the Proliner’s measuring speed and accuracy. We do a lot of measuring beyond fabrication hours, so besides saving time for our company, the Proliner will provide more valuable free time as well.”


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